It was Thanksgiving Day and I was cruising the supermarket aisles like a mad woman picking up all the last minute items for that days celebration, you know, things that are absolutely needed like the eighth side dish and ice cube trays in the forms of turkeys.

I had an overflowing amount of soda cans and paper plates in my cart that kept falling off, and me picking them up and grunting while super annoyed.  I was the portrayal of an insane overprivileged mom.

Then an old voice behind me called out, “do you need some help young lady?” I turned annoyed at the fact that I looked like a person who might actually need some help.  My annoyance grew even more when the person offering the help was an old guy on a walker.  My limited mind immediately thought “this guy needs ME to help HIM!” I answered in the sweetest tone I could possibly find, “no thanks sir, I think I can handle it.”  And continued to browse the aisles in the search to find wholeness and satisfaction.

Finally, I’m at the cash register unloading all the stuff that everyone could have gone without, and behind me I hear the old voice again, “have you ever heard of KISS?” he calmly said to me.  I turned, this time very curious more than annoyed, “you mean the band?” I answered. He laughed, an old raspy yet comforting laugh.  “Keep It Simple Stupid, that’s KISS.”

My initial reaction was to take offense.  Was this guy telling me I looked stupid?! Then my limited mind took another turn and I laughed, a surprised relieved type of laugh.  I answered, “I needed to hear that, thanks for that.”  He smiled and winked.

That old guy on a walker helped me out more than I could have ever helped him or myself that day.  He reminded me that in simplicity we can find happiness and joy.  He reminded me that by keeping things simple I can actually enjoy the beauty of moments for what they truly are and not what I am trying for them to become.  Life is beautiful as it is.

It’s funny how my greatest life lessons always come from the most unexpected of places.


The Kiss. Photo Credit: gabynarvaez